Does home insurance cover air conditioning? – 2022

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Does home insurance cover air conditioning?

Home insurance partially covers air conditioning; Homeowners insurance only covers damage to an air-conditioning unit due to a covered peril listed in your homeowner’s policy.

It will probably be difficult for you to survive hot months without an air conditioner.

The reality is that this appliance is as essential as the fridge for some. It doesn’t matter if you use fans or awnings or properly ventilate your house. Sometimes you can’t even breathe without air conditioning. Anyone who suffers from it knows what I’m talking about.

For all these reasons, a breakdown in this system, especially in the summer months, can be a nightmare. If your electric water heater breaks down in winter, facing real temperatures is usually unpleasant.

In this way, when something fails in this regard, it is logical that you ask yourself if the home insurance covers the air conditioning. We will analyze the situation in detail below.

Air conditioning failure: container or content?

Does home insurance cover air conditioning?

As you surely know, two types of air conditioning systems can be present in homes. On the one hand, we have the most common, a compressor on the façade or in an interior patio, plus one or more splits in the rooms.

Secondly, we have centralized cooling systems, whose motor is usually on the roof, and the air is distributed through ducts. This way, it is possible to adapt the temperature of the entire house simultaneously.

In the first case, all insurance companies consider the air conditioner’s house contents. Yes, they are fixed pieces of the house, but as with awnings, they are considered to be the owner’s responsibility and not of the community.

However, in the case of centralized air conditioning, some companies consider it a container, which determines its possible coverage (or not) by insurance. It all depends on what exactly happened. Of course, check in your policy how your Insurer classifies your device.

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Does the insurance cover a breakdown in the air conditioning?

In general, I can tell you that there is bad news about the failure of the air conditioner. Air conditioners are included in home insurance policies in the same section as any other household appliance.

Therefore, you cannot expect great miracles here. Translated into the language that we all understand, the answer to whether your home insurance covers air conditioning is that, as a general rule, your insurance will not cover this breakdown in any case. Nor in the event of accidental damage, for example, if the compressor or the split receives a lucky blow and breaks.

And, of course, if what has happened is that the device has broken due to wear and tear, as you can imagine, they will not pay for the repair either

Does insurance pay for air conditioning repair?

Does home insurance cover air conditioning?

Yes, I know you are wondering what home insurance is for then. Well, in the case of air conditioning, you would be covered in fire, falling trees, vandalism or theft, and not much else.

If you have an extended policy and have accident coverage (and this applies to all appliances), we would also start to include electrical damage. But beware, we are talking about the effects of electrical storms, power surges, and similar phenomena. Breakdowns would remain out of coverage forever, as would breakages due to wear and tear.

Air conditioning breakdown and home insurance

In the case of centralized air conditioning systems, the truth is that there are few situations in which they can be affected by some accident. And, of course, the same limitations apply as in conventional systems.

What’s more, there is something you should be careful with, and that is that your pipes if they don’t work properly, can cause humidity, both for you and your neighbors. In those cases, the insurance company may refuse to cover the water damage since they could interpret it as a lack of maintenance on the owner’s part.

Does home insurance cover the air conditioning compressor?

In conclusion, there are a few situations in which you can use home insurance to repair your air conditioner. As in other cases, it is usually advisable to have contracted DIY or repair service coverage. With it, you can go to the insurance to have your device repaired.

Even so, it may not be free since it has a limit of hours (generally 3) and does not include replacement parts, but it is profitable. No one takes the heat away from you, but at least that way, you can return to the wonderful world of fresh air in summer.

Insurance for Air Conditioning Installers – What insurance does an Air Conditioning Installer need?

They practically cheer you on when you install an air conditioner in the middle of a heat wave. But not everything always goes so well. So that you can work with peace of mind when assembling an air conditioner, you need to protect yourself with insurance against claims that you may receive from third parties as a result of damages that you may cause in the development of your professional activity as an air conditioning installer (for example, if when installing an air conditioner in an office, you do not fix it well to the wall and it collapses on a person).

If you have not contracted insurance that covers you against claims, you must assume them with your assets or that of your air conditioning installation company.

To protect their civil liability, air conditioning installers take out general civil liability insurance, which offers as basic guarantees possible compensation for operating civil liability (damage caused in the course of professional activity) and legal defense against the same.

Optionally and in some policies within the mandatory guarantees, general civil liability insurance for air conditioning installers may include other types of civil liability, such as post-work civil liability (once the installation of the air conditioning is finished) and employer civil liability, which would cover you against the accidents of workers you have contracted or subcontracted as self-employed or in your air conditioning installation company.

The price of civil liability insurance for air conditioning installers depends on the limits of civil liability and contracted coverage and the type of installation you carry out (if you install an air conditioner in a private home, the risk is lower than if you install it in an industrial warehouse and you have to put it at a great height, for example). For this reason, it is essential to choose the insured activity correctly to have coverage for the correct risks.

How much does the civil liability insurance of an Air Conditioning Installer cost?

The characteristics of the business (number of employees and billing) and the insured limits of the contracted coverage (operational liability, product liability, and employer liability) are keys to determining the price of general liability insurance for an air conditioning installer.

As an example, the price of the general civil liability insurance of an air conditioning installer with coverage for Operating Liability, Delivered Product Liability, and Employer Liability, with an annual turnover of 175,000 euros and with two workers, is determined from 550 euros/year, depending on the insured limits and the Insurer chosen according to a comparison of general liability insurance prices carried out in January 2021.


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