Florist Insurance coverage – 3 Reasons why florist insurance is important

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What insurance does your florist need?

So that your customers continue to leave your flower shop with a bouquet and a smile, we will help you choose the best florist insurance coverage to protect your flower shop against the damages it may suffer and the civil liability claims it may receive. If your florist does not have insurance, you will have to be responsible for the high cost of claims or compensation.

Florists insurance coverage is usually commercial insurance whose main purpose is to protect the florist (continent), the goods or stock, and the furniture (content) -the bouquets, the pots, the bags of soil, etc.- against different risks such as fire, theft, electrical damage, water due to broken pipes, adverse weather such as gusts of wind, hurricanes, vandalism, etc. If your florist’s premises are for rent, you only have to insure the content (counters, shelves, plants, dried flowers, etc.) since the owner takes care of the container. If you are the premises owner, you must insure the continent.

florist insurance coverage

Trade insurance for florists also includes coverage to protect the premises from civil liability for damage caused to third parties in the event of a fire, explosion, water, etc., and also civil liability for damage caused by your florist in your professional activity (responsibility for exploitation, employers, products, etc.) and legal defense against these claims.

Other optional florist insurance coverages can be included or purchased separately from a florist’s business insurance: loss of profits if the florist is affected by a covered loss and temporarily closes, theft or fraud by the florist’s employees, theft guarantees, etc.

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How much does your florist’s insurance coverage cost?

The price of your florist’s business insurance depends on many factors, which the insurers examine in-depth, such as the geographical location, the size of the florist, if you are the owner or if you are renting, the security measures installed, the contracted capital, toppings, etc.

As a reference, the price of the business insurance of a florist in a property (in which you insure container and content) or rent (the container is not insured), 80 meters, with a worker, at street level, and with security measures such as. Alarms, security doors, fire extinguishers, etc. If you are the owner, the price of commercial insurance can be contracted by the premium from 300 euros/year, depending on the coverage included and the chosen Insurance Company, according to a comparison of commercial insurance prices carried out in January 2021 with the main Insurance Companies.

On the other hand, if you are the tenant, the price of commercial insurance drops and can be contracted from 200 euros/year (keep in mind that it is the owner who insures the continent or premises), depending on the Insurance Company and the contracted policy. The price will depend on the RC coverage if the tenant decides to take out general civil liability insurance.

As a reference, the price of civil liability insurance for a florist with Exploitation Civil Liability, Employers’ Civil Liability, and Delivered Products Civil Liability coverage, with one employee on the payroll and 50,000 euros of annual billing, can cost from 120 euros/year, according to a comparison of general civil liability insurance prices carried out in January 2021 with the main Insurers.

Why do you need florists’ insurance coverage?

florist insurance coverage

Certain risks can quickly crop up for whatever event you’re providing flower arrangements for — weddings, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or funerals. Let a florist insurance company help you design an insurance policy that protects your assets and your florist business while you focus on growing it.

  • You keep your workshop clean and organized. But wet floors are a hotbed for accidents waiting to happen. A small puddle can quickly turn into a trip to the emergency room for an employee or customer.
  • Your refrigerators may be in perfect shape, but they’re no match when there’s a power outage. News flash — flowers and heat are not a good combination.
  • Your arrangements were perfect, and your driver left with enough time to get to your client’s event. Too bad that tractor-trailer chose today to side-slam your delivery van.

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The florist insurance coverage we recommend

We’ll start with a mulch package that most florists need. We’ll then help you customize them to fit the unique needs of your business. The result? A policy maintains the right coverage for you at a truly amazing rate.

  1. Property insurance helps protect your shop, its contents, equipment, and inventory against a covered incident.
  2. Liability insurance helps protect you against lawsuits and covers claims for property damage and bodily injury.
  3. Seasonal Increase Coverage is additional coverage for your business and personal property during peak seasons.
  4. Accounts receivable coverage helps if you can’t bill your customers due to damage to your accounts receivable records.
  5. Decay coverage helps if you lose your flower inventory due to mechanical breakdown, loss of power, or coolant contamination.
  6. Equipment breakdown coverage can help pay for insured equipment if it breaks down or is damaged by covered claims.
  7. Employee dishonesty coverage helps protect you from direct physical losses to business or personal property caused by dishonest acts committed by employees.
  8. Utility Interruption Loss of Income coverage helps protect you if you need to suspend your business operations due to communication services, water, natural gas, or electricity failures.

Additional Florist insurance coverages you may need.

Some florist businesses need additional coverage to deal with the increased risk. No problem, because your State Farm agent will work with you to understand and help meet your needs.

  1. Commercial Auto Coverage
  2. Commercial Auto coverage is for the vehicles you use for work. Do you have several? We can combine them in a single annual policy.
  3. Commercial Civil Liability Umbrella Policy
  4. A Commercial Liability Umbrella Policy (CLUP) is an extra layer of protection when your covered liability losses exceed your policy limits.
  5. Workers Compensation coverage
  6. Workers’ Compensation coverage protects your employees from work-related injuries or illnesses (requirements vary from state to state).
  7. Data Exposure and Identity Restoration Coverage
  8. Data Exposure and Identity Restoration coverage helps pay for data exposure and identity theft expenses

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