Is pet insurance worth it – Advantages of pet insurance

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Why is it important to properly insure your pet?

It is important to insure your pet well because, like all the other family members, they are an integral part of your home. He is the witness of your joys and sorrows, and his fidelity is foolproof. In this article, you will better understand why he deserves full protection because, like yourself, he is unfortunately not immune to illness or accidents.

Insuring your pet: inventory

The costs of veterinary consultations, treatments, vaccines, surgeries and unforeseen accidents can quickly strain a budget or even exceed your financial possibilities as a pet owner.

The best way to protect yourself against these hazards is to take out pet health insurance. It will then help you to cope with these unpredictable expenses.

Wisdom even advises taking out this health insurance for dogs or cats while your little companion is still only a young puppy or an endearing kitten! Especially since there are minimum and maximum age limits to respect.

In France, more than 250,000 animals are euthanized annually for financial reasons, and it is a mistake to think that animal health is less expensive than that of humans.

Your companion could still have shared many happy years with you for relatively affordable contributions.

What are the types of pet health insurance?

Is pet insurance worth it

As far as health insurance for dogs is concerned, several packages exist.

In general, specialized insurers will offer you three levels:

On average, entry-level animal health insurance contract (from €15 per month).

Mid-range contract (from €25).

Premium contract (from €30)

The reimbursement percentage for identical treatments will vary according to the chosen level. Generally, the reimbursement percentage starts at 50% of your invoices and can reach 100%.


Some formulas of these health insurance policies for pets offer a “prevention” package. The latter allows masters to have a certain annual sum of money to acquire care or maintenance products or finance certain acts such as sterilization, a health check, etc.

How does pet insurance work?

Pet insurance includes a waiting period, unlike other insurance (home, car, etc.). The latter is generally quite short for accidents and longer in the event of illness.

This period makes it possible to verify that the animal covered by the insurance is in good health at the subscription time. Previous illnesses or past accidents will not be covered, nor will their consequences.

Pet insurance covers pet health costs. Depending on the formula chosen, the insurance also covers additional assistance services, such as cremation costs.

Ultimately, pet health insurance is based on the same principle and the same benefits as your mutual health insurance. It is flexible according to the habits, the breed, and the animal owner’s expectations, as well as your budget.

Exclusions from health insurance for cats and dogs

Hereditary-type diseases are normally excluded from health insurance coverage for cats or dogs. Hence the importance of being very attentive when acquiring your companion (breeding outfit, visible parents, heredity, living conditions, DNA tests, status of the parents).

Health insurance statistics for dogs and cats

Is pet insurance worth it

As this insurance for dogs and cats is not compulsory, some masters opt for a riskier formula. They prefer to put money aside regularly if a problem affects the animal. Hoping that fate will spare them!

This common behavior of not insuring your pet is even more common in our territory compared to other countries. France has a lower percentage than some other countries regarding animal insurance. According to statistics, only 4% of masters subscribe to this contract. Nevertheless, awareness of this security is rapidly changing the situation. More and more dog or cat owners are taking out insurance for their faithful companions.

In addition to insuring his pet is a responsible act for the master, it also rhymes with peace of mind and a mark of affection.

Taking out health insurance for your pet is not mandatory, but you have many responsibilities as an owner. You have to ensure appropriate care for your little companion, especially in the event of illness or injury. It is possible to settle veterinary bills peacefully and cover the unexpected with the help of a good insurer.

The advantages of health insurance for dogs or cats.

Advantages of health insurance for pets include:

  1. Calmly managing your daily budget becomes possible
  2. Several veterinary expenses are reimbursed
  3. The dog or cat can receive the best possible care
  4. The animal can be insured for life

Adopting a pet remains a serious and thoughtful act. As the owner, you are financially and personally committed to safeguarding its well-being and health. Before embarking on this great adventure, you had to determine an annual budget, including food, hygiene, activities, accessories, and veterinary care expenses. On average, more than €1,000 are disbursed per year.

To manage their bank account calmly and improve their cat’s or dog’s quality of life, some individuals turn to insurers. The latter generally offer formulas adapted to the expectations and needs of each individual. Let’s focus our magnifying glass on the benefits of pet health insurance.

Calmly managing your daily budget becomes possible

Shopping, bills, care, transport. Everyone has a daily budget to manage. Accommodating a pet necessarily entails additional costs. This ball of love deserves as much as the other household members to meet all their needs.

As the owner, your responsibility is to ensure its well-being and health. For this, he must open his wallet and distribute the tickets. The so-called “classic” care and the medical follow-up of the dog or the cat cause a certain cost throughout the year, without forgetting the diseases and accidents that can occur without warning during its life.

Taking out animal health insurance allows you to take care of your 4-legged friend with a light heart and to prepare for the inevitable unforeseen events with complete peace of mind. If your little one develops a chronic illness, falls regularly ill, or is often injured, his health coverage avoids a lot of hassle and can save you sums of 3 or 4 figures in the long term.

It must be said that the contributions are quickly profitable. Annual health care expenses are around €500 and €1,200 for dogs. However, insurance costs between 10 and 80 € depending on the contract chosen. So you will be a winner.

Available finances can be allocated to other expensive items, such as high-quality meals or grooming sessions. You will certainly improve the quality of life of your favorite four-legged!

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Several veterinary expenses are reimbursed.

A basic consultation with the veterinarian costs, on average, 40 €. In addition to periodic visits to monitor the general health of your furry friend, you may need to make other appointments in case of pathologies. Treating an ear infection, a urinary tract infection or even gastroenteritis is not free. Pay fifty euros here, a hundred euros there: the bill can be very high at the end of the year.

Do not panic! Animal health insurance – like Agria – covers various veterinary expenses linked to an illness or an accident: consultations, medication, analyses, hospitalizations, medical imaging, surgical operations, etc.

According to the insurers, depending on the contract chosen and the medical services, the subscriber is partially or fully reimbursed (reimbursement rates vary between 50 and 100%). What about common procedures, such as vaccination and sterilization? There are “prevention” packages covering the costs generated by these services.

As a general rule, insurance companies offer various formulas adapted to the expectations, the needs, but also budget of each one.

The dog or cat can receive the best possible care.

We agree: saving money isn’t always enough. Financial assistance at hand in an unexpected event is welcome and reassuring.

Taking out health insurance for your pet lets you know that veterinary costs will be quickly reimbursed. Thus, if he is the victim of pathology or an accident, you are sure to be able to give him access to the best possible care without putting a dent in your budget.

After all, owners have a legal obligation to provide proper care for their 4-legged friend, especially if he gets sick or injured. A healthy pet is more likely to thrive and live longer.

The animal can be insured for life.

The age limit for a dog or cat varies from one insurance to another. Few organizations agree to cover animals over seven years old. It is for this reason that it is recommended to make an initial subscription as soon as possible. Agria insures all dogs and all cats without the restriction of age or breed on subscription, which is unique in France.

Note that the insurance formulas offer long-lasting protection. Certain subjects and breeds are affected by relatively heavy pathologies and frequent illnesses. These are likely to develop with age. Once the contract is signed, you are guaranteed that your furry friend is insured for the rest of his life. Thus, you no longer have a Damocles sword above your head.