Short term truck insurance – Temporary insurance for heavy goods vehicles (truck)

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Term insurance can be used on various vehicles in all situations. The case of heavy goods vehicles may raise doubts about the applicability of this form of cover since these are trucks generally used in a professional setting. Indeed, temporary insurance is rarely allocated to professional vehicles. In any case, short term truck insurance does exist. So, in what context is this possible? What are the terms?

What is term truck insurance?

Short term truck insurance

Heavy goods vehicles are trucks, buses, and other large vehicles with a GVW of 3.5 tones and above. Trucks can tow trailers that benefit from separate coverage unless they weigh less than 750 kg. The temporary insurance created for heavy goods vehicles covers this type of vehicle for a short period. As for other low-tonnage vehicles, this period is 1 to 45 days or 90 days maximum with a good number of insurers. The truck cover contract is renewable as long as the owner wishes. But it will generally not exceed more than 180 days in the year. Indeed, it would be, if necessary, more economical and practical to sign a classic insurance contract.

Temporary heavyweight insurance can operate in a good number of cases, namely: the transport of people or goods from or abroad, the importation of the vehicle, the loan of the vehicle by a relative, the exit from the pound in the event of expiration of the classic cover or the event of absence of insurance, but also any other temporary situation. Due to its extreme simplicity, this form of insurance is, above all, an emergency solution, the choice of which requires some caution given the differences in price, conditions, and methods of implementing insurance at others.

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The conditions for taking out temporary truck insurance.

To take out temporary insurance for heavy goods vehicles, possession of a heavy goods vehicle driving license is compulsory. The driver must also have acquired some driving experience. The insurers impose a minimum age of 22 or 23 years or even more, for drivers of heavy goods vehicles, according to the insurer. In the absence of the non-compulsory information statement in temporary insurance, some establishments have a sworn statement drawn up relating to the driver’s situation.

The vehicle must be registered (only in France for certain insurers), but the gray card can be in the name of someone other than the driver. It is, therefore, not essential that the truck belongs to the underwriter. Furthermore, it is customary for these papers to accompany the subscription file. But in temporary truck insurance, insurers sometimes do not require documents to be sent, especially when the coverage period is limited to less than a week and the subscription is done by telephone. But even in the case of a subscription by the internet, this total absence of formality is also recurrent.

The guarantees of heavyweight truck insurance.

Short term truck insurance

Temporary insurance dedicated to heavy goods vehicles is based on the driver’s support in case his civil liability is called into question. Except in exceptional cases, depending on the possibilities of the insurer, guarantees related to damage to property or the guaranteed vehicle (loss of operation guarantee, transport guarantee for goods or people, theft and fire guarantee, etc.) are not possible in short-term heavy goods vehicle insurance. But it is possible to extend its guarantees beyond the basic formula to Third Parties.

Although limited in their operation, institutions that offer temporary contracts can still design tailor-made formulas for policyholders who want maximum short-term protection. In the range, we can find the Defense and Recourse guarantee or, more often, the legal protection, which supports the insured when a claim leads to a dispute with a third party.

More rarely, the insured can also benefit from the driver’s body cover under conditions specific to each insurer. But most of the time, these two forms of assistance fill the formulas of temporary heavy goods vehicle insurance: breakdown assistance and accident assistance. Benefits that are probably much more important for truck owners. Note that the trailer insurance is different.

How temporary truck insurance works.

The temporary truck insurance can be initiated as soon as the contract is signed or after the subscription. Therefore, taking out temporary insurance well before, for example, the finalization of purchasing a vehicle abroad is possible. You can also subscribe to the forecast of a trip, etc. For the realization of the guarantees, the procedures are the same as within the framework of a traditional cover for heavy goods vehicles. In other words, everything starts with a declaration of loss in which the insured must be sincere.

At the same time, it should be noted that there are also warranty exclusions in term insurance. But suppose a serious breach of the Highway Code (drunk driving, etc.) may, for example, be a reason for the insurer refusing compensation. In that case, the insurance must still compensate the third party under the civil liability guarantee. It is up to the insurer to turn against his client.

Where can I find the best temporary truck insurance?

Term insurance providers are numerous and visible on the web. Just note the right keywords on search engines. However, these days, even if insurance establishments have their subscription site online, the fashion is for the comparative research method. The term insurance market is competitive, evolving, and diverse in terms of prices and products. The best way to find your way around is to approach online insurance brokers, long-time auto cover professionals who match supply and demand in the most relevant way. For maximum speed, you can rely on web comparators that allow you to create a tailor-made contract and find the best price.

Take out your temporary truck insurance now.